Will Turkey’s “wealth amnesty” program help increase market liquidity?

Several countries around the world are focusing on increasing liquidity in their respective markets due to the global economic climate. Turkey has ensured this by launching the “wealth amnesty” program. This program basically ensures that all Turkish citizens are able to invest funds back into their country with ease. Such incentives and policies have ensured that Turkey and Turkey property is, to an extent, protected from the current global economic climate.

The “wealth amnesty” program targets the investments of expatriates abroad who are citizens of Turkey. Investments from Turkish expatriates living abroad have already reached 13.5 billion Turkish Lira, since the launch of the program. These investments are expected to continue flowing into the country as more Turkish expatriates invest into the country before the program reaches its deadline.

The wealth amnesty program is thought to have been successful, as the capital of 13.5 billion Turkish Lira meant that there was extra liquidity in Turkey. Investment into the country by expatriates was also previously encouraged by the government when they introduced tax cuts and financial incentives.

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