Turkey ‘s Tourism Boosts Real Estate Market

It is no secret that Turkey’s tourism sector is performing very well at the moment. It’s the only European destination to experience an increase in tourists this year and one of the only counties in the world to gain, rather than loose US visitors this year.

This strong performance has been attributed to several factors which make Turkey an attractive holiday choice, however most prominent is the current exchange rate. The Turkish Lira maintained a low rate while many other currencies such as the Euro and the Pound gained ground over it. These inflated currencies make holidaying in Turkey a real discount. A good exchange rate combined with tourists looking to cut costs has ensured Turkey remained a top choice for holiday makers.

This growth in tourism is also having positive affects on Turkey’s property market. Investors with a keen eye for potential have spotted the value for money available in a country that is ever increasing in international popularity.

A leading Financial Services company, Conti, which specialises in overseas mortgages, has said that Turkey was the third most popular destination in the world for applications this year. This is a key indicator of what is happening in the Turkish property market at the moment, and the potential that it presents.

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