Turkey co-hosts the ITB travel tourism fair

Some may be aware that that the 43rd edition of the ever popular European travel exhibition commenced on the 11th of March. The International Tourism Bourse, or ITB, basically offers an opportunity for the representatives of the global travel industry to come together. In 2008, the ITB exhibition recorded 177,891 visitors that were attracted by 11,147 exhibitors from 180 countries. This year the exhibition will take place in Berlin, till the 15th of March.

Many countries worldwide are participating in this fair, with the Turkish tourism ministry being one of ITB’s co-host. Dubai tourism department, DTCM, has also shown their interest in the exhibition by organising and sending a group of senior delegation to promote the ever popular Dubai Shopping Festival in the ITB. It is encouraging to see countries such as Turkey and Dubai invest in their tourism sector and how such investment ambitions are unhindered by the current global economic climate.

Dubai has already announced plans to invest AED 50 million into the Emirate’s “Keep Discovering Dubai” campaign. This tourism campaign of Dubai will draw 2000 tourism professionals into the country from March to May, for the duration of three days. During this trip, the tourism professionals will be given a first hand experience of the Emirate. This shows the determination of Dubai to sustain its strong tourist numbers that it has experienced over the past several years.

Spain is also in the spotlight for boosting its tourism industry. It was recently announced by the country’s government of their plans of injecting €600 million into the Spanish property and tourism sector. These funds will be injected into renovating the country’s existing resorts, aiming to create thousands of jobs in the process. This should significantly increase the demand for properties that are located near popular Spanish resorts, as they attract greater number of tourists.

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